Create token-gated links to content for your Solana NFT community.
Everyone else is ✋ NGMI.

Engage your NFT Community

The simplest way for holders to unlock off-chain rewards like high-resolution images, documents, multimedia, and more. Share anywhere with links knowing only your community can access. No chatrooms necessary.

High-Res Images

Provide NFT owners with companion work, for example a high resolution image suitable for print.


Share an early look at a whitepaper, an upcoming roadmap, a vendor proposal.

Multimedia Files

Deliver music albums or extended video content, redeemable only after purchasing an NFT.

Secure Downloads

Files can only be accessed through wallets holding the NFTs you specify, and use secure, expiring URLs.

Social Links

Rather than sending users to a chatroom, links can be delivered on any social or marketing channel.

500 MB, 30 days

Pay by burning $SKULL, the Skeleton Crew utility token. Priced by the size of files and your chosen timeframes.